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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Timeline

WCUUSD Strategic Planning Timeline

Strategic Planning News

4.3.24 Presentations

If you were unable to attend the meeting on 4.3.24 below are the Presentations : 

Budget Presentation

Configuration Presentation

The next meeting will be April 10, 2024 at Calais Elementary. See School Board Meeting Resources for the Agenda and more information. 


We are excited to engage in a multi-year visioning/strategic planning process, with an emphasis on equity and engagement, that will create unity within the Washington Central Unified Union School District around a common understanding of what our communities believe all students should experience in our educational system. 

Strategic Planning Video Presentation 4.5.23

Steering Committee Members


  • Jeannie Phillips, Great Schools Partnership Coach
  • Eric Andersen ( East Montpelier) 
  • Yolanda Bansah (Berlin Student)
  • Arlyn Bruccoli ( Calais)
  • Steven Dellinger-Pate (U-32 Principal) 
  • Flor Diaz Smith ( East Montpelier)
  • Cat Fair (Calais)
  • Bekah Mandell (Middlesex)
  • Adrienne Magida (Middlesex)
  • Jennifer Miller-Arsenault (Middlesex)
  • Julie Moore (Middlesex)
  • Uriah Proctor-Mattingly ( Calais Teacher)
  • Beth Stern ( Doty)
  • Chani Waterhouse ( Worcester)
  • Erica Zimmerman ( East Montpelier)
  • Kari Bradley ( Calais)