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From the original WCUUSD Articles of Agreement re: board membership:

The terms of office for the initial members of the New Union District Board elected...


Term ending Spring 2020

Term ending Spring 2021

Term ending Spring 2022









East Montpelier












From the amended Articles of Agreement passed by voters on 6.25.19:

Immediately following the School District Annual Meeting of 2020, the Board of School Directors shall be expanded to include five (5) additional members elected for a total of fifteen (15) members, with 3 members from each town.  The additional members will be elected at the 2020 annual School District Meeting.  All members will be voted on by the entire electorate.  Votes of the entire electorate shall be counted together (comingled) without being first counted at the town level.

The terms of office for the additional member shall be as follows:

          Berlin – term ending 2022

          Calais – term ending 2021

          East Montpelier – term ending 2023

          Middlesex – term ending 2022

          Worcester – term ending 2021

Except as provided for the election of the initial members of the New Union Board in Article 10(B), each New Union District Board member shall serve for a period of three (3) years or until his or her successor is elected and qualified, as required by Vermont law.

Each member of the New Union Board who serves after the expiration of terms of the initial Board members, shall be elected at an annual or special meeting of the New Union District. Terms of office shall begin and expire on the date of the New Union District’s annual meeting.  In the event the New Union District’s annual meeting precedes Town Meeting Day, the terms of each Board member shall begin and expire on Town Meeting Day.

If the voters amend this Article 11, the amendment shall ensure that the terms of office are staggered as required by law.