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What is an Educational Support Team?


Purpose:  An EST is a group of people who function as a "think tank" to help solve the puzzle of what is going on with a student and determine what he/she might need to be more successful as a learner.

Definition:  The job of the EST is to:  have diverse expertise; develop student plans; meet regularly; support plan implementation; know child development; determine effectiveness of plans; know school and community resources; communicate trends to School Action Planning Team; brainstorm accommodations, instructional strategies, and curriculum adjustments; support students, teachers and parents.

What does this mean for students?

  • A team process involving people knowledgeable about the student

  • An individualized plan with support for implementation and follow-up

  • Connection with the school and community resources of the Educational Support System (ESS)

  • A variety of instructional strategies to meet the needs of individual students

  • Academic and non-academic support

What does this mean for staff?

  • A forum to identify strategies for helping students

  • A broad range of expertise

  • A range of in-school and community supports

  • Individualized EST plans

  • A group that can identify trends and school wide needs and, make recommendations for responding to those needs

The EST is also available to support students who may be exceeding the standards and are in need of increasing the challenges to their academic program.

**For more information, please contact your school Principal.