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Supervision and Evaluation

WCUUSD Supervision and Evaluation Philosophy

In the initial creation of an evaluation document in 2001, the Blue Ribbon Committee was committed to providing the highest quality education to our students. The most significant factor to a quality education is teacher effectiveness. We are committed to a teacher supervision and evaluation process that upholds the following tenets: 

  • The supervision and evaluation system supports the district’s and schools’ vision statements.
  • The purpose of supervision and evaluation is to promote teachers' professional growth and learning.
  • The supervision and evaluation system is a continuous process that is clearly understood and has meaning for all teachers.
  • The supervision and evaluation system provides opportunities for teachers to reflect upon and engage in purposeful dialogue about teaching and learning.
  • The system for supervision and evaluation of teachers includes continuous training and professional development for teachers, supervisors, and administrators involved in the process.
  • The system for supervision and evaluation provides a fair and consistent plan for observing, documenting and reporting teacher performance and effectiveness. The assessment of student progress is an important component of supervision and evaluation.
  • The system for supervision and evaluation involves a multi-year cycle that incorporates a variety of assessment data gathered through self-assessment, peer collaboration and summative evaluation.
  • WCSU provides resources and training necessary to implement the evaluation system.
  • WCSU strongly supports the mentoring process. The role of the mentor is to guide and support the professional growth of the educator. A mentor is not involved with evaluation, and the relationship between the educator and his/her mentor is confidential.

As the Washington Central Supervision and Evaluation Committee convened to revise our process we believed in all the philosophical statements above, but we want to focus on a few key ideas to improve the continuous growth for all educators: They are: 

  • Focus on instructional practice
  • Be an authentic reflection of practice
  • Promote the ability to observe recognized expertise and exemplary practices
  • Contain a component of peer coaching
  • Be doable for both the teacher and the administrators by using a technology based system
  • Be research-based
  • Recognize that the person doing the writing is doing the most reflecting and learning
  • Support continual growth for all
  • Focus on student learning

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.